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I Tried Jiftip, And Here's How It Felt.

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I tried a tip-only condom-less shield called Jiftip -here’s how it felt!

There’s got to be a better way, I thought to myself after my girlfriend had to come off the pill and I was resigned to the fact I'd have to start wrapping my manhood in rubber straitjackets. Condoms aren’t for everyone and for me they completely spoil the intimacy and intensity that comes with skin-on-skin contact. I feel with condoms, your damned if you do, and damned if you don't. Why should we have to cover the whole penis, why isn’t there something that covers just the head?

Then I stumbled across Jiftip. They read my mind but have taken it a step further, forget wrapping the head, let’s just seal off the tip and block anything getting in or out, genius! Being the skeptic that I am there were two big questions for me, what about herpes and is it safe to cum like this? Both questions were well researched and covered in the FAQ’s. . . who knew you can still get herpes wearing a condom? They also claim removal is not too painful, but I have my doubts so I took the plunge to find out for myself.

“felt like my little fella could go 12 rounds with Mike Tyson and still wouldn’t fall off!”

I wanted to test my new toy before I had the confidence to use it during sex so I gave it a solo test drive. Admittedly, the first time in my excitement I rushed in without following the instructions properly, it started peeling off after I added some lube and got a bit rigorous. But the second time I followed the instructions closely and wow I couldn’t believe how well this thing was sticking, felt like my little fella could go 12 rounds with Mike Tyson and still wouldn’t fall off!! It’s near invisible, and if you aren't looking at it, you'll definitely forget it’s there, virtually undetectable.

After a solid 10 minutes, I figured I’ve come this far, let's go the whole hog, I’m going to cum with this thing on. I was a little apprehensive as usually I shoot with the force of a fire hose. But it was all good, it felt like your standard pulsating orgasm, just nothing was coming out! The seal withstood the test as I stared upon my billions of white friends trapped in the hose looking back at me.

Okay, now I need to remove this thing. It sure stuck well which made me nervous about peeling it off, I tell myself it’s just like removing a band-aid except there’s no hair to rip off. I go to the toilet and slowly peel back the removal tab thinking is this gonna spray everywhere like a shaken-up soda bottle!? Not gonna lie it’s a very sensitive area and did hurt a little as I watched my seeds gently leak out into the toilet. But the pain wasn’t significant, nowhere near bad enough for me to forego that skin-on-skin pleasure.

Thanks Jiftip!

For me this is truly the best thing since sliced bread!

P.S. The best thing is... Jiftip is NOT a condom!

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